Our company Fenelinn makes a gift selection for your kid so much easier. It also handles toys from different manufacturers. We could achieve these thanks to ‘Teddy’s Surprise’ .

We arrived at the idea of ‘Teddy’s Surprise’ upon buying toys. Parents once entered a store to select gifts for their kids. It took them a lot of time to make a choice. They discussed their kids’ preferences, finally chose the gifts and brought them home, but kids were hardly surprised the way their parents wanted. Fenelinn therefore invented ‘Teddy’s Surprise’.  When you buy a ‘Teddy’s Surprise’, you do not see a toy inside: you just select a toy’s maker, a wrapping colour, child’s age and a preferred price. We hope that it would be a pleasant surprise for your kids. Let us make a perfect holiday for kids with the help of ‘Teddy’s Surprise’.